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Pranic Healing


Pranic Healing uses prana, or life energy, to create health and a feeling of well being in a person. Choa Kok Sui, a scientist, chemical engineer and teacher developed the modern form of Pranic Healing. Generally speaking, it works by clearing and correcting energy or pranic imbalances and blockages. Energy that is diseased, congested or depleted is removed, making room for fresh, new energy.

Conditions Treated and the Treatment Process

Pranic healing can be used for spiritual, psychological and physical conditions. As it works by treating the patient through their aura, it is a drug free treatment and clothes do not have to be removed. It is very non-invasive.

The practitioner will use their hands to absorb and project the prana onto areas of the aura where the patient’s own energy is diseased, depleted or congested, removing the bad energy and replacing it with fresh energy. Results are often immediate. Because Pranic healing works on the energy body, it is able to pick up potential disorders or illnesses before they manifest in the patient. Each treatment session is tailored to the condition and specific combinations of energy colours and vibrations are used in order to effect a treatment or cure.

While Pranic healing can be, and is mostly, performed by itself, it actually works very well in conjunction with a modern medicine treatment plan. If you suffer from a serious or persistent problem, practitioners will encourage you to see a medical doctor as well as continuing treatment with them.

Auras and Chakras

The energy that surrounds the human body is often known as the aura, or bioplasmic body as some Pranic healers call it. The aura manifests as a glowing field of light and colours around the body. Some people are able to see these auras naturally, and there are also special cameras that can capture auras. Healthy auras should be made up of white light and pure colours. If a person is unhealthy, the aura may have dirty, tangled or torn areas where the energy has been affected.

The process of healing works two ways. Treating the physical body may heal the aura but treating the aura can also heal the physical body, and it is the latter that Pranic healing provides. The body is actually able to heal itself if it has a healthy energy system.

The chakras are energy centres within the body and, like the aura, these can also become damaged in some way leading to illnesses of various forms. If the chakras are damaged, the associated organs are also damaged, or susceptible to be damaged. Pranic healing can treat the eleven major chakras and many minor chakras.


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